This web tool has been created as result of my suffering from writing functions by hands for packing and unpacking CAN matrix messages and signals. The coder DBC helps to your to simplify this tedious procedure and get auto-generated code that can be used in any embedded project related to data communication over CAN interface.

The source code consists of 2 pair of driver.

The first one is the low driver where signals and messages described. And Pack/Unpack functions too. Driver Suffix is used in naming of this functions.

The second one is the hi driver (with <_binUtil> suffix in file names) where your can optionally define variable of superCAN structure (structure where all the messages are kept) and use it in your main application modules (via *_switchUtil.h inclusion). Also you can use only one common Receive function which switchs to the right case and unpacks frame to dedicated message. To notify user which exactly frames was unpacked it returns IDE of the frame in case that frame exists in CAN matrix.

The tool will be continuing to rise up and will have a lot of useful features and performance optimization.