C-code for DBC CAN Matrix!

Completely new version!

Here you can get auto generated C-code for your CAN Matrix described by .DBC file. It is simple and clean code that fits to every embedded project.

Try NEW version!

Old generator

Simple Message/Signal description

Message created as a struct. Signals as a fields of the struct.
*_CovS define is used for the packing float-based signal into CAN matrix value.

Packing and Unpacking function with proper operations for Intel/Motorola memory layout.

Unpacking performs true offset calculation (for CC_Speed on the pic).
But it does not make Factor conversation. To get float-base value you should multiply signal and _CovFactor of that signal.

Utility that unites all the unpacking functions and all the CAN matrix messages and allows to you have only one string of code for parsing the whole CAN matrix.

_Receive function finds appropriate Unpacking function quite fast - as O(log N)